About the Luxury
Wine Brand Awards

The Luxury Wine Brand Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the wine brand industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 300 000 international travelers vote each year in our Luxury Awards Group. Wine Estates, Chateaux’s, Co-operatives and many other industry participants have the opportunity to participate in the Luxury Wine Brand Awards by entering the suitable categories that showcase their unique selling points.


The Pinnacle of Achievement in the Luxury Wine Industry

The Luxury Wine Brand Awards is the pinnacle of achievement by a Wine Brand, offering recognition and earning the respect of patrons and industry players alike by awarding Wineries, as voted for by the public, across a diverse variety of different categories. Winning a Luxury Wine Brand Award will not only inspire the confidence of patrons and retain a loyal clientele in this highly competitive market, but it will also stimulate continuous growth and development of your Wine Brand. 


Why you should register your Wine Brand

Winning a Luxury Wine Brand Award is a prestigious accolade, bringing confidence and status to your Winery.
Status & Recognition
We award and celebrate service excellence.
Global Promotion
Benefit from the Luxury Wine Brand Awards marketing campaigns and promotions.
Customer growth
Generate Exposure to an expanded market.
Networking Opportunities
Connect with like minded people worldwide and forge new opportunities through networking at premier events.
Staff Recognition
Productivity, motivation, job satisfaction and morale are boosted by well-deserved staff recognition.
Website Profile
Display a stunning profile of your Wine Brand offering direct links to your online platforms for increased coverage.